Alliteration Imitation (Anglo Saxon read by Douglas Wilson)

Sneak Peak from lesson 22: Alliteration Imitation. Matt Whitling goes through a passage of Beowulf in order to point out the heavy alliteration in the poem, and Douglas Wilson reads the passage in Anglo Saxon. (Canon Press just released “Rudiments of Anglo Saxon”, by Doug Wilson – make sure and check it!)

The Benefits of Learning Poetry

Guest post by David Henry, a student of Liberal Arts and Culture at NSA. POETRY is a basic part of human culture, and a key element in man’s effort to glorify his Creator. When God planted Adam in the garden, he presented that first specimen of humanity with a world half-named: sea and land, heavens and earth, birds and creeping things. Then the Lord brought him rank upon rank of creature and told him to name them. From the very beginning God has asked us to use words to describe his creation. This springs into startling clarity when we take … Continue Reading “The Benefits of Learning Poetry”

Fifteenth Commencement of New Saint Andrews College | Class of 2012

The Fifteenth Commencement of New Saint Andrews College, in Moscow, Idaho. Fourty-eight students graduated, including 33 Bachelor of Arts students, 10 Associate of Arts students and five graduate students. Of the graduate students, three received a master’s degree in classical Christian studies, and two received a Master of Arts in Theology and Letters. Share on Facebook Tweet You will find the videos of the various addresses below:

Why Classical Education?

Why Classical? (by Luke Nieuwsma) If you’ve found this website, you probably want your family to have a Christian education – that is, an education which is based upon the belief that the Bible is God’s Word, the ultimate guide for our lives. You probably believe that any education must stand on the foundation of the gospel – salvation by grace through faith in Christ alone. You probably realize how important it is that the next generation – your children – believe the truth and know how to reject the lies of the world. But you might wonder, “Why would … Continue Reading “Why Classical Education?”

A Truly Homeschool Friendly Poetry Course

“What do homeschoolers look for in a video course, or in homeschool curriculum?” This is a question that a lot of publishers of curriculum, especially in the classical education world, have not asked enough. This question is what drives the Roman Roads Media’s vision! The two brothers behind Roman Roads Media were homeschooled in France. With 5 kids on 5 levels, video courses were a blessing to their mother. Some of the courses were great, some were truly terrible, and some just lacked that je ne c’est qoie (as the French would say). The knowledge they gained homeschooling overseas now … Continue Reading “A Truly Homeschool Friendly Poetry Course”