The Problem with Reading Shakespeare and Greek Plays

In this little excerpt from Greeks: Drama and Lyric, part of the Old Western Culture video course series, Wesley Callihan discusses the complications in reading plays that were meant to be watched, such as Sophocles (those currently being discussed) and Shakespeare. Having trouble with the video? Try the YouTube version.

Ancient use of "Tyrant" and "Despot" | Excerpt from Drama and Lyric

Here is a little snippet of fun information from lecture 5 of Greeks: Drama and Lyric, part of the Old Western Culture video course series by Roman Roads Media taught by Wesley Callihan of Schola Classical Tutorials. The Ancient Use of the word “tyrant” and “despot.” Having trouble with the video above? Try the YouTube version. This lesson was on Sophocles’ Oedipus the King.

The Genealogy of Orestes, According to Aeschylus

We designed this genealogy for the Drama and Lyric unit of our Old Western Culture video course series. This will help students keep track of what is going on since so much of Aeschylus’ plays surround the lives of these men and women. We made it for our video course, but feel free to share it with homeschoolers and teachers for their own use! In fact, this would make a great printed bookmark for while you’re reading the plays!

Freedom is Not Free

69 years ago today, the Allies attacked the Normandy beaches of France, controlled by Nazi Germany. 12,000 men died that day while securing a decisive victory against Germany, and turning the tide of the war. Freedom is not free. I grew up with an American grandfather who was a Lt. Commander in the US Navy, and a French Grandfather who, after refusing to collaborate with the Germans, was deported to Germany for forced labor. This was the generation when men knew the value of freedom, because they almost lost it, and the cost of preserving was the loss of many … Continue Reading “Freedom is Not Free”

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Wesley Callihan: Disputatio at New Saint Andrews College

Wesley Callihan, author and presenter of Old Western Culture, delivered this lecture at the weekly “Dispuatio” of New Saint Andrews College, in Moscow, Idaho. The rather long title is: The Connections Between the Pinkerton Detective Agency, the Silver Valley of North Idaho, Dashiell Hammett (Author of the Maltese Falcon and the Thin Man Detective Novels), Clint Eastwood’s Spaghetti Westerns, and Rock Guitarist Rory Gallagher.

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The Grand American Piano

Here is a short film (12 min) which tells the fascinating story of the Grand American Piano in American history, and how they are restored nearly 100 years later. Enjoy this short and educational video that Roman Roads Media produced for Clint Hughes of Grand American Piano. If you have an old piano, a “diamond in the rough,” make sure and check out his website: He works nation-wide! Narrated by Wes Struble of Logos School, in Moscow, Idaho.

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