New Review page for Old Western Culture

We are pleased to announce a dedicated REVIEWS page for Old Western Culture! Come hear what other homeschoolers and educators are saying about Old Western Culture, or submit your own review! We’d love to hear from you! Click HERE to read the reviews or to submit your own review.

Why Roman Roads Media?

The goal of Roman Roads Media is to make the classical subjects friendly to the homeschool. Many curriculums are designed by educators with the classroom in mind. The curriculum we produce has the homeschooler in mind from conception to delivery, with emphasis placed upon communicating a love of learning.

Preparing Younger Kids for a Great Books Education

One question that often comes up as we talk to parents of younger children is “How do I prepare my younger children for a Classical (Great Books) education?” What a great question! There is a lot to consider: do my kids need to learn Latin and Greek, do they need to be learning ancient history now, do we need to study the Trivium (grammar, rhetoric, and dialectic) in elementary? To help families with younger children, we’ve published a wonderful e-book by one of the top thought leaders and teachers in the world of classical, Christian education today – Wes Callihan, author of the Old Western … Continue Reading “Preparing Younger Kids for a Great Books Education”

Three Reasons Why Video Courses are the Future of Homeschooling

I was greatly benefited by video courses while being homeschool through High School. As video curriculum grows in popularity, I wanted to take a moment and highlight what I believe are its greatest strengths. In this post I list three factors for parents to consider as they seek to make the best choices for their children’s education. Click the image on the right, or the link below:

Exodus Books reviews Old Western Culture

Exodus Books, a bookstore in Portland, as well as a large online reseller of curriculum, now carries the Old Western Culture curriculum, and wrote a review. The review (written by Caleb Crossman), was not only well-written and comprehensive, but very entertaining to read! Caleb shows his knowledge (and love) of the classics as he uses classical allusions throughout. Our favorite excerpt is when Wes Callihan is called a “benevolent centaur,” an allusion to Chiron, the centaur in Greek mythology who helped in the education of Achilles: The mastermind behind Old Western Culture is Wesley Callihan, a veteran of Christian education. His presence hovers … Continue Reading “Exodus Books reviews Old Western Culture”

"Weren't the Greeks Pagans?"

Julian the ApostateIn the first clip below, Wes Callihan explains why Christians should study Greek pagan literature. In the second clip he gives an example of how the early Christians used the pagan epics. In fact,  the pagan emperor Julian the Apostate forbade the Christians from teaching these epics because the Christians were using them to preach Christ! Matt Bianco, of Classical Conversations, wrote an article giving some great background to the story of Julian the Apostate, and the outlawing of the pagan epics, which you can read HERE.Find out more about Old Western Culture.“Weren’t the Greeks Pagan?”  Julian the … Continue Reading “"Weren't the Greeks Pagans?"”

Ivry | A Song of the Huguenots

Ivry | A song of the Huguenots, by Thomas Babington Macaulay. Read by Wes Struble, of Logos School. This is an excerpt from the Grammar of Poetry video course, by Roman Roads Media and Canon Press. The Grammar of Poetry is a video course that teaches the mechanics of poetry by using the classical approach of imitation. It is taught by Matt Whitling, principal of Logos School, and author of the accompanying textbook.

Proclaiming Claudius Emperor

Claudius, the 4th emperor of Rome, had to be dragged out from behind curtains where he was hiding in order to be proclaimed emperor by the Praetorian Guard. A bookish man, preferring to write and study history, Claudius did not want to be emperor. After all, many of the previous emperors had been killed by rivals. It is said that Claudius, a partially crippled man from birth, accentuated his condition so as not to appear a rival to Caligula who had been killing other heirs. In the end, Claudius’ fears were not unfounded, for he was assassinated himself. Taken from … Continue Reading “Proclaiming Claudius Emperor”

A Conversation with Leigh Bortins and Wes Callihan | Towards the Quadrivium

Leigh Bortins and Wes Callihan sit down for a conversation about classical education, homeschooling, and the Quadrivium. Wes spoke at Towards the Quadrivium, a conference hosted by Classical Conversations. Leigh is the founder of Classical Conversations and the Mandala Fellowship. Wes is the founder of Schola Classical Tutorials, Hill Abbey, and author of the Old Western Culture great books curriculum created with Roman Roads Media. YouTube version of this video HERE.