Why Roman Roads Media?

The goal of Roman Roads Media is to make the classical subjects friendly to the homeschool. Many curriculums are designed by educators with the classroom in mind. The curriculum we produce has the homeschooler in mind from conception to delivery, with emphasis placed upon communicating a love of learning.

Ivry | A Song of the Huguenots

Ivry | A song of the Huguenots, by Thomas Babington Macaulay. Read by Wes Struble, of Logos School. This is an excerpt from the Grammar of Poetry video course, by Roman Roads Media and Canon Press. The Grammar of Poetry is a video course that teaches the mechanics of poetry by using the classical approach of imitation. It is taught by Matt Whitling, principal of Logos School, and author of the accompanying textbook.

Thankfulness in Poetry | Grammar of Poetry – Matt Whitling

In this excerpt from Lesson 1 from the Grammar of Poetry video course, Matt Whitling talks about the importance of thankfulness in poetry, and while learning poetry. Happy Thanksgiving!    

Animated Introduction to the Grammar of Poetry

This fun animated introduction to Grammar of Poetry (the first video course we produced) is also an introduction to our philosophy of developing classical curriculum FOR the homeschool. Enjoy! The Grammar of Poetry, by Matt Whitling of Logos School, is a video course that teaches the mechanics of poetry by using the classical approach of imitation. Its goal is to teach your child to analyze not only poetry, but words and language in general. Just as an English course would teach a student the different parts of speech, so also the Grammar of Poetry teaches a student the building blocks … Continue Reading “Animated Introduction to the Grammar of Poetry”

Alliteration Imitation (Anglo Saxon read by Douglas Wilson)

Sneak Peak from lesson 22: Alliteration Imitation. Matt Whitling goes through a passage of Beowulf in order to point out the heavy alliteration in the poem, and Douglas Wilson reads the passage in Anglo Saxon. (Canon Press just released “Rudiments of Anglo Saxon”, by Doug Wilson – make sure and check it!)

A Truly Homeschool Friendly Poetry Course

“What do homeschoolers look for in a video course, or in homeschool curriculum?” This is a question that a lot of publishers of curriculum, especially in the classical education world, have not asked enough. This question is what drives the Roman Roads Media’s vision! The two brothers behind Roman Roads Media were homeschooled in France. With 5 kids on 5 levels, video courses were a blessing to their mother. Some of the courses were great, some were truly terrible, and some just lacked that je ne c’est qoie (as the French would say). The knowledge they gained homeschooling overseas now … Continue Reading “A Truly Homeschool Friendly Poetry Course”