The Old Western Culture Reader Series features some of the greatest books of Western civilization from Homer’s Iliad to the Novels of the 19th century. ┬áThis sixteen-volume great books reader series was developed as a companion to the Old Western Culture great books curriculum. Complete list of works.

Fifteen of the sixteen volumes are complete. Unit one, The Epics, will include a new rendering of Homer’s Iliad by Wes Callihan. It is slated for a Christmas 2021 release!

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The Greeks (Year 1)

The Epics

Y1 Q1: The Epics

Drama and Lyric

Y1 Q2: Drama and Lyric

The Histories

Y1 Q3: The Histories

The Philosophers

Y1 Q4: The Philosophers

The Romans (Year 2)

The Aeneid

Y2 Q1: The Aeneid

The Historians

Y2 Q2: The Historians

Early Christianity

Y2 Q3: Early Christianity

Nicene Christianity

Y2 Q4: Nicene Christianity

Christendom (Year 3)

Early Medievals

Y3 Q1: Early Medievals

Defense of the Faith

Y3 Q2: Defense of the Faith

The Medieval Mind

Y3 Q3: The Medieval Mind

The Reformation

Y3 Q4: The Reformation

Early Moderns (Year 4)

Rise of England

Y4 Q1: Rise of England

Poetry and Politics

Y4 Q2: Poetry and Politics

The Enlightenment

Y4 Q3: The Enlightenment

The Novels

Y4 Q3: The Enlightenment

End note: we also hope to create a cloth-bound hardback version of each reader. We’re excited about this long-term project and we’ll be excited to let you know when it’s finished (or nearly so). Make sure you’re on our email list to keep up to date or shoot us an email ( We’d love to hear from you.