Military History I – Ancient, Medieval, and Modern

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In Military History I, E. Gunn Wilson will take students through three general periods of military history: Ancient, Medieval and Modern. The class will cover different aspects of military life including the literary, philosophical, political, artistic, strategic, religious and anecdotal. Students will gain an understanding of world history through a common thread of warfare as well as the glorious deeds and wicked deeds of men.

Weekly Recitations: Monday, 9:15-10:00 a.m. PST.
Duration: Full Academic year (September through May)
Credits: 1 History or Elective
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Product Description

Class Objective:

The course of this class will cover from the most ancient of times to our modern day. It will use generally secondary resources for textbooks and a smattering of selections from primary sources. The objective of the class is to give students a working knowledge both of world history in a linear fashion and a detailed knowledge of military development in a cyclical fashion. The sections of Ancient and Medieval will occur in the Fall Semester while Modern will occur in Spring Semester.

Course Work:

1) There will be 4 tests total; one at the end of each quarter. 2) Two papers, one for each semester, both 9 pages long on a research topic. 3) Attendance does affect the student’s grade, though participation will not, as it will mostly be lectures with some class discussion mixed in.

Three Sections: 1) Ancient, 2) Medieval and 3) Modern

Ancient: Megiddo – Vandals Sacking Rome (1469 bc – 499 ad)
Medieval: Viking Invasion – Siege of Byzantium/Hundred Years Wars (500 ad – 1400 ad)
Modern: Hundred Years War – Arab-Israeli Wars (1400 ad – present day)


Wars: Exodus and Joshua, Persian War, Peloponnesian War, Macedonian conquest, Punic Wars, Roman Civil War, Viking Wars
Battles: Megiddo, Kadesh, Marathon, Salamis, Syracuse, Leuctra, Chaeronea, Granicus, Issus, Gaugamela, Metaurus River, Zama, Alesia, Pharsalus, Actium, Teutoburger Wald, Beth-Horon, Adrianople, Chalons.
Tech: Bows, arrows, spears; Shock and Missile weapons; Soldiers vs Warriors, Mercenaries, Champion Warfare, Soldier classes, Harrasment, Chariots
Tactics/Strategies: Choosing the field, Flanking maneuver (bulls Horns), Turbulent Frontiers, Shock and Horror Tactics, Mass Deportation, “take no prisoners”, Phalanx vs. Numbers, Variations of the flanking maneuver, Sun Tzu “Art of War”, Maniple Legion; Scutum, Pilum, Gladius; Fabian Strategy, Marian Reforms, Augustan Reforms, Walls!
Other: How to put together a fighting force


Wars: Fall of the Roman Empire, Byzantine strife, Norman invasion, Crusades, Hundred Years War, War of the Roses, Fall of Byzantium and Ottoman conquest
Battles: Constantinople, Tours, Hastings, Jerusalem, Crecy, Orleans, Constantinople.
Tech: Trebuchet/Mangonel, Catapult, Ballista, Onagers, Silk Armor, Maps, Long bows
Tactics/Strategy: Leo the Wise “Tactica”, Raids, Christianization, Mongol tactics,


Wars: Protestant vs. Catholics, Religious wars, Conquest of Mexico, Conquest of Peru, Thirty Years War, American Revolution, Napoleonic wars, American Civil War, Balkan Wars, WW I, WW II, Korean War, Vietnam War, The Cold War, The War in Iraq.
Battles: Grenada, Tenochtitlan, Lepanto, Spanish Armada, Saratoga, Trafalgar, Waterloo, Mexico City, Gettysburg, First Marne, Verdun, Brusilov Offensive, Second Marne, Warsaw, Poland, Pearl Harbor, Normandy, Okinawa, Israel’s War of Independence, Dien Bien Phu, Tet Offensive, Desert Storm.
Tech: Gunpowder, psychological warfare, canons (Orban and the basilica), Janissaries, Pikes and Halbards, Muskets, Matchlock, Wheellock, Flintlock, Bayonets, Ships, Brown Bess Musket, Jezail Rifles, Enfield, Sprinfield, Dreyse Needlegun, Chassepot, Gribeauval System, Dynamite, Battleships, Chemical weapons, Aircraft, submarines, PTSD.
Tactics/Strategy: Charles VII Reforms, Spanish Tercio, Gustavus Adolphus Reforms, Firing by Ranks, Swiss Phalanx, Age of Limited Warfare, Frederick the Great, “Crossing the T”, Antoine-Henri Jomini, Carl Von Clausewitz, Modern War, Scale increase, Attrition warfare, Expensive, bombing, proxy wars, and Assymetric/Guerilla warfare.

Minimum age: 12 years old.
Recommended prerequisite classes: 1-2 years of Old Western Culture or other Great Books program.

Each student must have:
– A computer
– Broadband internet access
– A computer microphone (headset recommended)
– A webcam

The weekly “recitations” are live video sessions that meet once a week, in which the students and tutor discuss the material being studied, go over the students’ work, and preview the work for the next week. The students and tutor log in to a virtual classroom at the stated time for the tutorial and then are able to communicate by talking, typing, and collaborative web browsing. There is no special software needed beyond a web-browser plugin ( Compatible with Mac, PC, iOS, and Android.

One High School Literature or Elective Credit.

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Required Books:

Optional Texts: