U.S. History for Teen and Adults: The Battle of Gettysburg – Turning Point for America?


In this ten-week course we will:

  1. Read and discuss Killer Angels (by Michael Shaara), one of the best stories written about the most controversial of all wars in American history. A historical novel, it unfolds the Battle of Gettysburg, as experienced by both the North and South.
  2. Discuss the causes and results of this war, a war that arguably altered the history, culture, and political trajectory of the United States in ways even the world wars did not.
  3. Consider historical arguments, personalities, and facts from both sides that few people actually know. Was it a “Civil War” or was it the “War Between the States”?
  4. Examine what biblical principles and applications can and should be part of understanding this war that cost over 600,000 American lives.
  5. Meet online once-a-week for an hour. The only ‘homework’ will be to read the assigned portion of the book and be ready to plunge into lively discussion.

Weekly Live Recitation: Friday, 4:00 pm Pacific time
Price: $200
Duration: 10 weeks, January 12th—March 23rd.

Intended Audience:
Adult continuing education (teachers and parents), as well as Juniors and Seniors in high school.

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Required Materials

Required Materials:

Teachers and educators who complete this course will receive a Certificate of Completion from LEAF.

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