A Tour of Wes Callihan’s Personal Library

Wes Callihan gives a tour of his personal library, located at his home in Potlatch, Idaho. This tour also doubles as a mini-lecture on a philosophy of the “Great Books.” Wes explains why his collection is slightly different than Mortimer Adler’s Great Books set (University of Chicago Press). Wes Callihan organizes his library chronologically by time period, in part so that he can brush his fingers through the “leafs of time.” Enjoy this tour! YouTube version HERE.

"I'm giving my kids the education I never received"

“I’m giving my kids the education I never received.” Is that a familiar statement? Most parents who give their children a classical education did not receive a classical education themselves. But it’s not too late! Old Western Culture is a Great Books video course intended for high school aged students, but is designed in such a way as to be conducive to adult continuing education as well! Even if you only have time to watch the lectures, you will get a sweeping overview of the Great Books that shaped Western Civilization. A classical education FOR your kids, WITH your kids, … Continue Reading “"I'm giving my kids the education I never received"”

The Priestess at Delphi

Ever wondered about the prophecies from Delphi mentioned in ancient Greek literature? Here is an extract from the “Guide to the Art” which accompanies Drama and Lyric, Unit 2 of The Greeks, part of the Old Western Culture great books series taught by Wes Callihan.