DVD Products

We don’t want a long list of “small print” here, but rather to list some simple guidelines for the use of our courses.

  • Our courses are copyrighted material. Please act in accordance with the law and as Christian brothers and sisters.
  • If you purchase a DVD set that has streaming access (like Old Western Culture), you have purchased One Single Family License. We sometimes offer both together as a way to serve you better, bridging the gap between the 20th and 21st century. In these cases we want you to have the physical product, but the accessibility of a digital product as well. But when bundled, they constitute a single family license. Please don’t abuse this by selling one and keeping the other.

Roman Roads Classroom

The Responsibility of the Parents

The primary responsibility for a student’s education is the parents. Parents are expected to be knowledgeable about deadlines and requirements, and ensure the student has an adequate environment and equipment to take the classes. Parents are also expected to monitor student exams, ensure student’s do not have access to Teacher’s Edition or Answer Keys during an exam or any time unless the teacher allows it. Parents are encouraged to proofread papers and assignments or delegate this to someone else. Parents may reach out to Roman Roads Classroom (info@romanroadsmedia.com</a >) or their teacher directly with any concerns.


Students are expected to attend every live recitation. Non-attendance without prior arrangements will result in marks off the final grade except in extenuating circumstances. If you need to miss a class, contact the teacher prior to class.

Class Recordings

Recordings of the live sessions are available to students within 24 hours of the class. If a student misses a class (excused or not), they are encouraged to watch the recording. Recordings are also a great way to refresh before exams, or simply deepen your knowledge of the subject with a “second coat.”

Grade Reports

Teachers will provide timely feedback on assignments, including an end-of-semester and end-of-year grade and report card.

Classroom Rules

Students are required to be courteous and respectful. They must follow classroom rules (which may differ by class). They must not be rude, must not interrupt or disrupt the class. Students should not private message other students during class, whether through the classroom software or through other means.


The lesser of 1) 20% of the course price or 2) your first payment (for payment plans) is your deposit, which is non-refundable. Students who withdraw from a class before August 15th, 2019 will receive an 80% refund on a full pre-paid tuition. There are no refunds or payment reductions after August 15th. We contract with teachers for a full year or semester, so by registering and beginning a class, you are committing to pay for the year. You may also opt to transfer your registration to a different or future class, which may be done until September 30th.

Statement of Faith

The administration, teachers, and staff at Roman Roads Media and Roman Roads Classroom:

  • Hold to the Apostles Creed and the Nicene Creed as faithful summaries of the Christian faith.
  • Believe the gospel as declared in John 3:16, Romans 10:9-13, and I Corinthians 15:1-4.
  • Are committed to the major Reformational Protestant confessions, especially the Westminster Confession of Faith, but are also appreciative of the historic Christian traditions.

None of this is required of students – the only spiritual requirements are a good attitude and a willingness to learn. Students should expect that the teaching will clearly, explicitly, and regularly reflect a historical and classical Christian perspective. We have students using our curriculum and taking our live courses from many different walks of life. All are welcome!


Students are expected to have all the materials required for each class before the first day of class.


Students need access to: A computer in a reasonably quiet environment. A microphone (headset recommended) A webcam Roman Roads will help where able with technology and its setup, but each family is required to own, know how to use, and maintain their own technology. Please test your equipment ahead of time! Students must have the reasonable ability to type on a computer keyboard.


Cheating is a serious moral and academic sin. If a student is caught cheating, he/she will receive an automatic zero on the assignment and be given a warning. Parents may be notified at this point. If cheating continues, the teacher will discuss the situation with the parents, and depending on the circumstances, the student may be expelled from the class. This decision will be made at the discretion of the teacher and the administration at Roman Roads. No student will be expelled from a class until after clear communication about the matter has occurred between the student and teacher, and then the teacher, administration, and parents. The final decision will be made by the teacher and the administration at Roman Roads. If a student is expelled, there will be no refund for the class.