Why the Aeneid mattered to the early Christians (and why it still matters to us today!)

In this excerpt from The Aeneid, part of the Old Western Culture curriculum on the great books, Wes Callihan explains why the Aeneid was particularly important to the Romans AND the early Christians. Find out more about this course HERE.

Should the time ever come…

The United States was founded by men who not only knew their classics, but considered them an essential part of who they were, and who we are as a nation. Old Western Culture is designed as a tool to give this heritage to the current and next generation of Christian students (and adults)! “Should the time ever come when Latin and Greek should be banished from our universities and the study of Cicero and Demosthenes, of Homer and Virgil, should be considered as unnecessary for the formation of a scholar, we should regard mankind as fast sinking into an absolute … Continue Reading “Should the time ever come…”

Cathy Duffy's 102 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum

We’re thrilled that the Old Western Culture curriculum will be included in Cathy Duffy’s upcoming book “102 Top Picks“! You can read Cathy Duffy’s online review of Old Western Culture here: HERE.

The Relationship Woes of Dido and Aeneas

Advice for all men: When you mess up, fess up! Part of what makes the Aeneid such a timeless classic is that it captures so many aspects of human nature. Wes Callihan brings these alive in the Old Western Culture curriculum. This excerpt from The Aeneid (unit 1 of The Romans) is an example of how Wes Callihan brings the classics alive. This is learning literature re-imagined!

Can I use your DVDs in another country?

We have received several questions about whether our video courses will work in other countries. The short answer is: YES! For many of us in the USA, this question seems absurd, since DVDs are digital. For various reasons, mostly surrounding distribution of major motion pictures, MOST movies distributed on DVD and Blu Ray are region coded. DVDs in the US are from region 1, DVDs from Europe are region 2, etc. See the map below to see how the 6 regions are divided. The DVDs released by Roman Roads Media, including the Old Western Culture series, Grammar of Poetry, Introductory … Continue Reading “Can I use your DVDs in another country?”

Fashion in Ancient Rome

In many aspects, ancient Rome was a modern state. They had city planning, sewage, hot baths, heated floors, elaborate customs, traditions, and a rich culture. After the fall of Rome, there was a brief “dark ages” in which much of the technology and culture of Rome disappeared. That period is not as long as some would have you think (a subject discussed in the Old Western Culture curriculum), but there was a decline. But when we think back to Rome’s height, we normally think of its technology, conquests, or even its debauchery as it declined. But what about ancient Rome’s … Continue Reading “Fashion in Ancient Rome”

Psalm 13 & G. F. Handel’s Suite No. 4 in D Minor

Dr. David Erb recently composed a new setting to Psalm 13 influenced by Handel’s Suite No. 4 in D Minor (HWV 437) Sarabande, and it’s beautiful! Hear Dr. Erb explain how this came about in this little out-take from the recording of Psalm 13. And here is rendition of the original piece by G.F. Handel: (If audio player does no appear, click HERE) Now listen to Dr. Erb’s Psalm 13 recording: YouTube version HERE. If you would like to hear Psalm settings by Dr. Erb, click here: romanroadsmedia.com/learning-the-psalms

Guédelon: A Modern Building of an Ancient Castle

Have you ever found yourself reading a very old book and wondering “How did they do it all?” The castles, the battles, the art, the clothing? I still can’t read a history book, or even a historical novel, without trying to imagine the historical context around each story. So when I found out about Guédelon, I got really excited! In a century when houses are built in less than a year, and even skyscrapers take only a few years, it’s hard for us to fathom what the architectural feats of yesteryear actually involved. Guédelon bridges the gap between our imaginations … Continue Reading “Guédelon: A Modern Building of an Ancient Castle”