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Wesley Callihan: Disputatio at New Saint Andrews College

Wesley Callihan, author and presenter of Old Western Culture, delivered this lecture at the weekly “Dispuatio” of New Saint Andrews College, in Moscow, Idaho. The rather long title is: The Connections Between the Pinkerton Detective Agency, the Silver Valley of North Idaho, Dashiell Hammett (Author of the Maltese Falcon and the Thin Man Detective Novels), Clint Eastwood’s Spaghetti Westerns, and Rock Guitarist Rory Gallagher.

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The Grand American Piano

Here is a short film (12 min) which tells the fascinating story of the Grand American Piano in American history, and how they are restored nearly 100 years later. Enjoy this short and educational video that Roman Roads Media produced for Clint Hughes of Grand American Piano. If you have an old piano, a “diamond in the rough,” make sure and check out his website: www.grandamericanpiano.com. He works nation-wide! Narrated by Wes Struble of Logos School, in Moscow, Idaho.

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Should Pastors and Biblical Scholars Read the Great Books? Yes!

There are many good cases for classical education that emphasize the need to be well-rounded, a critical thinker, steeped in Western heritage, etc. But a sometimes overlooked benefit of classical education, and specifically a Great Books education, is the benefit that a biblical scholar or pastor receives from knowing the stories and literature of the Western world. St. Paul spoke to a largely Greek audience. A pastor who is oblivious to the stories and literature of the Western (and therefore Greek) tradition will miss some of the richness of the text. Hear Dr. Ben Merkle, of Christ Church, Moscow, Idaho … Continue Reading “Should Pastors and Biblical Scholars Read the Great Books? Yes!”

Late to read? Why that’s not always a problem.

I would like to tell you something about my mother and about me. Homeschooling mothers have to be self-sacrificial, hard-working, and patient. I want to share how these qualities in my mother blessed my life in a particular way. For whatever reason (some people would affix a three or four letter acronym to this), I was just not ready to read when most boys and girls normally learn to read. It wasn’t that she wasn’t trying hard enough, or that she was not qualified (truth be told, she graduated Summa Cum Laude from Gordon College, and taught at Winter Park … Continue Reading “Late to read? Why that’s not always a problem.”

A Christian Perspective to the Great Books

Wes Callihan, of Schola Classical Tutorials, has taught Great Books classes online for many years. He is now teaming with Roman Roads Media to produce “Old Western Culture: A Christian Approach to the Great Books.” Subscribe on the left to be notified when this course is available! First day of filming:

Fifteenth Commencement of New Saint Andrews College | Class of 2012

The Fifteenth Commencement of New Saint Andrews College, in Moscow, Idaho. Fourty-eight students graduated, including 33 Bachelor of Arts students, 10 Associate of Arts students and five graduate students. Of the graduate students, three received a master’s degree in classical Christian studies, and two received a Master of Arts in Theology and Letters. Share on Facebook Tweet You will find the videos of the various addresses below: