Music In Christian Education

Why are our children growing up musically illiterate? Many schools have a music program yet basic musical ability is missing from the younger generations. How should we reform our thinking on this subject and start a larger conversation in our churches and schools? This lively discussion with Douglas Wilson, David Erb, and Jarrod Richey is for teachers, board members, parents and those who are interested in seeing a revival of formal music education in Christian and classical Christian schools. It is meant to be a catalyst for renewed training of singers and musicians from childhood. Singing children will one day be singing adults who will then sing like their Creator, spreading the joyful culture of Christ.

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Recovering Music DVD case

Handel's Messiah

Experience the entirely of Handel’s Messiah, performed by the New Saint Andrews Concert Choir, and Collegium Musicum. Directed by Dr. David Erb, with guest tenor Ross Hauck.

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Handle's Messiah DVD case