There are a few very common questions or issues that come our way. When the problem and solution is easy and repeatable, we put it here.
Note: This is a new page, and we will be updating it as issues come in. 

Also, you may find the answer on the Roman Roads Curriculum Facebook group. If you use our curriculum and are on FB, we highly recommend this group!

Video / Streaming Issues

  • “I can access my course page, but my videos won’t play.”
    • Did you recently purchase and set up a “Circle with Disney” or other content-monitoring/blocking router, or enable parental controls on your router? These routers will often block our video service. Please consult the user guide to your router in order allow access to our site or streaming service (Vimeo Pro).
  • “My videos take a long time to buffer”
    • Our video streaming service is provided through Vimeo Pro. Vimeo Pro emphasizes quality over speed by default. If you hover (on a computer) or tap (on mobile) the video, you will have the option to disable “HD.” This will help. If you have poor internet, it can be helpful to start playing the video, pause it, and let it buffer for a few minutes for smooth playback.

Account Access Issues

  • “I am logged in, but my courses don’t appear.”
    • Make sure that you are logged in under the same email address you used to purchase the course. If you need to transfer access to a new account, contact us.
  • “I recently purchased Roman Roads materials at a convention or conference. How do I access them online?”
    • To access your materials simply create a username and password on If you login using the email address associated with your purchase your courses have likely been activated already. If you do not see them on the “my courses” page please contact us at and we will assist you.